Advertise your business website locally by geographic location



We take into consideration all the areas that you look for business from and build you landing pages for those areas. It does not matter if you are local to just one city, or all cities in your county... or all counties in the state... or all cities in all states. We can get you ranked where you want business from.


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Below is a great example of how different small businesses might want advertising. Let's say you own a pizza restaurant or a pet store, you won't want to advertise the entire state... maybe the city you are in and the surrounding areas.

Maybe you own a construction company and you want more exposure, so you advertise in all the cities in the county you are in and all the counties around you along with all the cites in those counties.

Now if you are an insurance agent and sell insurance, you might want to advertise in all cities, all counties in the state that you are licensed in.

Internet Advertising by City, County and State.

As you can see, the targeted areas are where you should be spending your money. Many time when you do a PPC or (pay-per-click) advertising campaign you will GET WHAT THEY GIVE and NOT WHAT YOU WANT. Their area might be within a 100 miles or more. No one is going to drive 100 miles for a pizza or dog food!


The bottom line is if you are looking for more traffic, more leads and more money, WE CAN HELP! Give us a call or email today and we will take a look at your website for free and offer you some great advise for FREE. There is no money due, no credit card needed and no strings attached when you CONTACT US.